Who took my lecture book?

Have you seen the latest Luc Besson film?

Where does he usually spend his holidays?

Who did you go to the disco with?

How long does it take to get to the city center during rush hour?

Is it far from here to Red Square?

How many people were at your wedding?

Who is she talking to?

Are they now in Moscow or outside the city?

Have you been waiting for a long time?

Who saw Leslie today?

What are you going to do on vacation?

What are you thinking about?

What does his company do?

Why hasn’t she called us so far?

Have you ever attended a negotiation?

Will you be free tomorrow or Saturday?

Will you dine here or go to a cafe?

What made her change her mind?

Could you close the window?

Let’s go to the cinema today, shall we?

He’s the commercial director of Ashan, isn’t he?

You were home yesterday, weren’t you?

Does he prefer tea or coffee?

I’m right, right?

He doesn’t know anything yet, does he?

When do you usually return from college?

Who is your CEO?

Where were you last night?

Who is this package for?

What have you decided?

How long are you planning to stay in Moscow?

What do you think of their proposal?

Who called Ben?

Who did Ben call?

Who did you invite for your birthday?

Who invited you to this party?

We need to invite Mr. Brown to a meeting.

You should contact the secretary.

He can’t come on Tuesday.

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